Friday, August 22, 2008

Fleur Wood, Ghost & Lola and Josh Goot at Vivienn

Today's long overdue post provides an introduction to the fantastic Vivienn - which is dedicated to promoting Australian fashion online. If you love fashion and you haven't discovered Vivienn yet then you've been missing out! Vivienn provides a unique concept for making fashion more accessible to all fashion lovers.

Ever fancied sitting in the front rows at the shows a-la Anna Wintour - well Vivienn brings the next best thing to us mere mortals through a unique 'showcase' format. Designers whose collections are presented through Vivienn get the opportunity to showcase their collection to the public as it was intended to be seen. In this way the complete collection of Australian fashion is presented. This allows the story behind the design to be revealed to the buyer, rather than simply being presented a series of items on a rack in a store.

A certain number of items are held in stock at the store, but primarily customers view the collections and select items they like during a pre-order phase. For those fiscally challenged customers who can't live without high-end fashion, a 30% deposit is paid to secure their order, instead of the lump sum at once, with 2 further instalments and the final balance paid upon delivery. This lay-by system means you can not only purchase your Australian fashion online, you can own an item without paying the whole price at once.

What I like best about Vivienn is that it has a strong online presence and a commitment to making Australian fashion globally accessible (which is after all what I'm trying to focus on here). With spring fast approaching, here are some fabulous floral fashion items available from Vivienn now - these are guaranteed to have you hanging out for summer and the warm weather!

Fleur Wood - Summer 2008 Galle Maxi Dress

Fleur Wood - Summer 2008 Poppy Dress

Ghost & Lola - Cosmos Jewellery

Ghost & Lola - Grace Jewellery

Josh Goot - Mini Tee Dress

Josh Goot - Wing Layered Dress

You can find out more about Vivienn and view the full range of current Australian fashion online at

** Thanks to Hedy at Vivienn for the photographs and support!


Sophista-Funk said...

Love the mini tee dress!

Romany said...

I will definitely be heading there! Every single one of those outfits are gorgeous. Nice work. :)

Grace said...

Aww I love the Last Josh Goot dress. Adore! Too bad I'm out here in New Jersey..

Anonymous said...

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carlos said...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing models! :) They're soooo pretty. :)