Monday, January 17, 2011

Pink and White Perfection - Summery Goodness from Fleur Wood S/S Collections

I've never made much of a secret that I really like Fleur Wood dresses - and these are no exception! These all have such beautiful, sugary colours and ultra-feminine details - what every girl needs for dressing up for summer.

Have a wonderful week - M xx


its simple love said...

I so wish it was summer here. These dresses are lovely.


laura said...

Melissa, just found this one!!! I have always really loved fleur wood! Her clothes really are so beautiful !! Just seen that you are studying textiles.. i started last year to study textiles and design, but then stopped as i had another one of my career crises` .
Think that might be over now thank heavens! Hopefully I have found the right direction (counselling!) It has only taken me 35 years to decide!!! I do hope you enjoy the course though.. hope its the right thing for you and that its a real success!!
hope you have had a great weekend!
laura xxx

Anonymous said...

Love them all. Love summer dresses because they dont require all the extra stuff like boots and tights.

"this fashion lark." said...

Lovely dresses, I like the content of the shoot too! Very nice x

Roxan said...

Can't wait for summer to come! Fab dresses!


Anonymous said...

Pimk and white perfection are so beautiful.i love these dresses.thanks for sharing it.
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Justina deans said...

Love these stuff and love these summer outfits :)
i really like these types of light color dresses :) thanks for share Mens and Womens Fashion