Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hot Hoodies and Cool Tees from Decibel Clothing

If you are looking for something casual to wear that incorporates great design and the best of local talent, then Decibel Clothing is just the ticket. I love these great tees and hoodies that incorporate exceptional art from local designers with well cut, quality fabrics.
Decibel Clothing is a local design company from Adelaide in South Australia. The ethos of this company is based on an underlying focus on quality and specifically non-sweatshopped products. Decibel source designs from local artists in South Australia, giving them a unique chance to have their designs incorporated and utilised by this growing fashion label.
There is a strong commitment to South Australian themed products in the art used for this clothing label. Being a South Aussie myself my personal favourites are the Frog Cake t-shirts. These cute t-shirts feature the green frogs of every SA child’s schooldays with a simple “riddup” written over head.
I love these original designs and funky styles and I strongly recommend you take a further look at this range of clothing if you are after something uniquely Australian and comfy; be it a warm winter hoodie or a cool summer tee. Whatever the season, Decibel clothing has something original for you.

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