Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Designer and Label Profile: Leona Edmiston of 'Frocks'

Well in the interest of continuing the theme I started with last time – who better to profile than the indomitable designer and head of fashion label 'Frocks'; Australia's own original frock girl - Leona Edmiston.

Leona Edmiston started her career as a fashion designer in the 80s, and with her former business partner, designer Peter Morrissey, established the feted Morrissey Edmiston label. Gaining popularity with both local and international celebrities this partnership established the success and renown of both the designers and the clothes became a wardrobe staple for the fashion conscious until the partnership ended in 1997.
When the Morrissey Edmiston partnership ended Edmiston forged her own path. Since the launch of her solo label in 2001 the Edmiston brand has grown to include the ‘Little Leona’ range, ‘for little ladies’, the ‘PINS’ hosiery range, the ‘Leona’ line of clothing and a signature fragrance!

The penultimate Leona Edmiston line is the ‘Frocks’ label, that since its launch has quickly taken its rightful place as a popular choice for the elegant woman. The attraction and beauty of the 'Frocks' collection stems from the underlying ethos of Edmiston's collection. The heart and soul of this fashion range is the simplicity of a great dress as a symbol of feminine elegance and glamour.
The ‘Frocks’ label creates beautiful and unique dresses, using interesting prints and colours, that when worn endow the woman with a chicness and sophistication. Whilst we may be spoilt for choice with so many high street stores these days, there will never be a substitute for quality! What is so appealing about a ‘Frocks’ frock is the use of high quality jersey, silk and cool cottons to produce uniquely stylish and unrepentantly feminine apparel.

Not one to rest on her laurels, the Autumn-Winter 2008 range is yet another example of how Edmiston captures this ultra feminine and sophisticated feel in her clothing line. Imbued with bold prints, rich colours and ‘whimsical details’ these are clothes for serious fashion lovers – not overtly avant garde, but rather elegant dresses made with quality fabrics and cuts that can be worn by real women!
Further to this, the autumn-winter collection marks an increase in the range of sizes available, with the designer showing her commitment to creating fabulous clothes for real ladies – whether a size 6 or a size 24.

Leona Edmiston is an exemplary designer – showing innovation both in design and in business ideas – attributes that are truly characteristic of where Australia and the Australian fashion industry is heading today.

*I just want to include a big thank you to Prue at Leona Edmiston for taking time out of her busy schedule to help with the photo for this post!

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